I have been providing Craniosacral Therapy in Norfolk for over 20 years. I have also been applying various complementary therapies for over 25 years, and have a wide range of experience, treating anything from acute remedial cases through to chronic problems lasting several decades.

Customised treatments

Each treatment is tailored to your individual needs, and so no two treatments are the same. The help I provide encompasses a broad range of techniques, from structural and lymphatic through to subtle cranial and biodynamic approaches. I also apply and teach mindfulness and embodiment to provide a degree of body-mind integration - which also helps physical healing in many cases.

Safe, respectful, relaxing, effective
...the wisdom of our body's innate intelligence...

I treat my patients how I would like to be treated myself. Very little clothing needs to be removed, and treatments are comfortable and enjoyable. The degree of contact pressure used is very small. Indeed, although used for people of all ages, CST is so safe that it may even be used to treat babies - and has been part of the standard treatment package for premature babies in some European hospitals for over 20 years. The light respectful touch also results in the treatment working in cooperation with the body...

The human body is something of a walking miracle. As living beings - we have evolved to have a very effective self-repair system. One could say that the body has an intelligence of its own. Clincially, it is logical - and very efficient - to assist this directly. Therefore, all my work is respectful and gentle - because I have found that the body responds well to this approach.

Cranial treatments in Norfolk

We unfold from just a single cell, into an extraordinarily complex being that has survived through hundreds of millions of years of evolution. The capacity for health and wellness is hardwired into our whole being, and one way we experience this is through the workings of the immune system and self-repair systems. Experience applying Craniosacral Therapy (CST) suggests that the Cranial Rhythms are profoundly linked to the wisdom of our body's innate intelligence and its ability to heal. Find out a little more about my treatments here. Also see the notes on Health as a useful way of thinking about the physical body.


I work in two multi-practitioner clinics. As well as providing a broad range of Complementary treatment approaches for a very wide range of health problems, we have considerable in-house expertise in all aspects of birth from fertility through to postnatal support for mothers, babies, and children (see article in the Huffington Post).

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