Articles for Practitioners

These articles are mainly intended for CST practitioners, but may also be of interest to other bodywork practitioners and maybe body psychotherapists.
All articles are subject to copyright and the file should NOT be sent to anyone else - please instead refer them to this website.
Comments welcome on any of these essays
The Sphenobasilar Sychondrosis (SBS) aka The Clivus : Revisited
  • Article published in JBMT with errata corrected, July 2005
    A model of cranial motion in which the SBS is a Fulcrum (and does not bend or hinge)
  • Revision and update, self-published 2016
    : this was written in response to a published review of the SBS/SOJ by Richard Starkey in 2015. It is a much clearer, logical and easier to read version – I’d recommend that you start with this one, and then go back to the 2005 article if you want more anatomical detail and/or additional journal references.
  • Comments and correspondence from cranial practitioners very welcome.
  • A possible research protocol
    to demonstrate the existence of the CSR/CRI. It's all written up, I've spent about 6 years in total messing around with research - and just dont think it's very healthy for me to spend any more time in this way. However, this would still be a very useful contribution to the CST world. So this is up for grabs to any institute or professional body (or well organised, experienced and funded group of individuals) that wants to take it up and complete it.
Distance Work
  • The Edge : A hands-off bodywork approach to working with trauma and relational issues. In some cases of "traumatisation" the body places a defence zone around itself, and anything coming into this zone is considered (by primitive defense reflexes in the hindbrain) to be an invasive and potentially lethal threat. This has implications for any form of bodywork and psychotherapy. The authors experience working with this defense zone is presented, along with some relevent theoretical material. Comments and correspondence from Cranial pratitioners and psychotherapists welcome. The sublect matter has been covered entirely from an experiential point of view, and is supported by some brief notes that skip through the fields biology, physiology, psychotherapy, bodywork, esoterical energy and evolution.
    The subject matter is being covered in a weekend workshop. This workshop is designed to bring the theory into practice through experiential exercises.
Cells and Gels meets Emanuel Swedenborg
  • Swedenborg, Jello and the Tides - an essay on the origins of Cranial work and the nature of the CSR.
  • Muscles viewed from the point of view of Gerald Pollacks Gel/structured water model for cell metabolism.
  • Microtubules as a possible channel of "Spirituous force" and an organising principle in all stages of cell growth and function.
Miscellaneous essays
  • Beginnings of a book : This is an introduction to a wide subject - basically looking at the body from the pov of a user, integrating the mind and body so that they are working together as efficiently as possible. Obviously, this is just a beginning, and I've skated very quickly over lots of complex issues to introduce them as ideas. Comments and correspondence welcome.
  • Mirror Neurons : A short essay on this important new area of research. At least 25% of our brain is engaged in playing out the outside world as if we are doing it ourselves withour own muscles. This provides our embodied sense of meaning, and has many implications for treatment, education, linguistics, communication and every aspect of life.
  • The Three Selves : The right relationship between mind, body and spirit
  • Temporary Expedient Autonomy (TEA) : a biological model for Dissociation. Living organisms naturally act as mutually interdependent colonies or societies, and as such retain an ability to divide and reassemble - even if only in a figurative, symbolic or only partially physical manner.
  • An EvoDevo approach to emotions : An explanation of emotions in terms of whole-organism signalling and response strategies.
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