Trauma treatment in particular can be applied without need for physical contact in many situations. I can offer very useful sessions on ZOOM (an online conferencing program).

"I’ve had treatment sessions with Andrew before [the Coronavirus lockdown], and found, in the one-one Zoom session, a depth of contact and presence that was really helpful for me. It’s definitely, maybe surprisingly, possible to work with embodiment over distance in this way, and the quality of attention and spaciousness that Andrew brings to it is sensitive and aware." (Kate, Norwich)

If you have difficulties with income, please contact me anyway. ALSO SEE this document

Customised treatments

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, respectful and powerful form of bodywork with many applications, including help for newborn babies and mothers, and remedial work for complex trauma (including shock/PTSD), in addition to the usual musculoskeletal issues usually associated with hands-on bodywork therapies.

My practice encompasses a broad range of techniques, from structural and lymphatic through to subtle cranial and biodynamic approaches. I also apply and teach mindfulness and embodiment to provide a degree of body-mind integration - which also helps physical healing in many cases.

Andrew Cook cranial treatments in Norfolk

Each session is tailored to your individual needs, and so no two treatments are the same.


I have been providing Craniosacral Therapy in Norfolk for 25 years, various complementary therapies for over 30 years, and bring a breadth of knowledge and experience to each treatment session.

I have found over the years that CST is a particularly safe and effective way to help baby reflux and baby colic.


You can receive help in multi-practitioner clinics in Norwich and Hethersett.


Coronavirus policy:

  • Health care is a priority matter, and so I will continue my practice for as long as possible, subject to clinic policies and any future government policy announcements
  • I will be following all sanitary policies published by my professional body (the CSTA) and by the particular clinics I work in at the moment.
  • I ask that anyone who is suffering from any cough/respiratory problems/temperature - or if there is anyone else in your household who has these symptoms - please suspend any treatment appointments until at least two weeks after the symptoms have passed. This will help reduce any risk of viruses being passed on to other patients. IF YOU HAVE TO CANCEL DUE TO ILLNESS, YOU CAN ALWAYS CONTACT ME AT HOME, AND I MAY STILL BE ABLE TO PROVIDE SOME HELP. CST is primarily a hands-on treatment, but it can sometimes be used effectively hands-off.
  • If I find myself or my partner with any cough/respiratory problems/temperature I will be self-isolating for 4 weeks minimum, will ensure you are contacted and know that the appointments have been cancelled, and will contact you again at a suitable time in the future.
  • I will be posting some information on immune health on my professional facebook page, and keeping this revised and up to date :
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