Coronavirus (Covid-19) policy


The Corinavirus pandemic has brought about many changes to people's lives, some of which will last far longer than the particular outbreak that we are dealing with at the moment (May 2020).

Clearly, my bodywork practice (Craniosacral Therapy) is impossible, and the earliest I am likely to be able to resume hands-on treatments is July 2020. So my apologies for patients who are in pain - but we are simply not allowed to carry out work that involves physical contact.

However, I am still able to provide a useful service in one-to-one sessions via Zoom or Skype. This hands-off method of applied body-awareness is based on state-of-the-art research into the evolution of the human nervous system. It is particularly effective in helping central sensitisation and other kinds of chronic pain, anxiety, hyperarousal and trauma/PTSD, and a surprising number of other (apparently) physical problems. Please contact me if any of these might possibly apply.

I will also be running online workshops in the near future. I am also offering some free resources for the duration of the Coronavirus situation.

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Glyphosate blocks a specific enzyme pathway, the shikimic acid pathway. The shikimic acid pathway is necessary for plants and some microorganisms.
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The Coronavirus lockdown itself (along with other current issues in the world) is causing many people to have mental-emotional difficulties, which may be anything from outbursts of temper and frustration (that affect their companions), anxiety, depression, feelings of hopelessness and lethargy, confusion, and particularly feelings of overwhelm and grief. I can also provide some support for these issues, and train you how to reduce overwhelm/anxiety and how to process many of the other difficult emotions more easily.

A recent finding is that Coronavirus infections and deaths are strongly correlated to disrupted gut microbiomes. So please go to 38 degrees and sign the petition for ALL councils to ban Glyphosate. Maybe should have been obvious at the start, but it's certainly obvious now. Research is showing VERY clearly that Glyphosate doesn't just disappear, and traces of it continue to disrupt the microbes in human and animal digestive systems and the bacterial balance in soils. It's possibly one of the greatest single causes of gastrointestinal illness (including gluten intolerance) at the moment. The gut microbiome contributes hugely to all aspects of the human immune system that resists invasive infections.

Furthermore, Glyphosate is probably responsible for loss of much of the insect population (which has crashed to less than 10% of normal levels in Europe). We rely on bugs - microbial bugs and creepy-crawly bugs - for our health and survival. The whole idea of poisoning the environment to kill off stuff we don't like because it's inconvenient and gets in the way of how we would like to (mis-)behave has to stop. There area lot of factors that link countries particularly impacted by Coronavirus, one of them being historic levels of air pollution (so just decreasing air pollution now doesn't help already immune-compromised lungs), and another being widespread public exposure to pesticides such as Glyphosate.

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