Coronavirus (Covid-19) policy


The Corinavirus pandemic has brought about many changes to people's lives, some of which will last far longer than the particular outbreak that we are dealing with at the moment (May 2020).

Clearly, my Craniosacral practice is impossible, with a legal prohibition no that kind of direct close contact. The earliest I am likely to be able to resume treatments is July 2020. So my sincere apologies for patients who are in pain - but we are simply not allowed to carry out any hands-on work at the moment.


I am still able to provide a useful service in one-to-one sessions via Zoom or Skype.

This hands-off method of applied body-awareness is based on state-of-the-art research into the evolution of the human nervous system. It is particularly effective in helping central sensitisation and other kinds of chronic pain, anxiety, hyperarousal and trauma/PTSD, and a surprising number of other (apparently) physical problems. Please contact me if any of these might possibly apply.

I am also offering some free resources for the duration of the Coronavirus situation.

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