Coronavirus (Covid-19) Restart: hands-on bodywork (probably) available from early July 2020

Information last updated : 21-Jun-2020 //

Confirmed status as of Thursday 25th June
"Close contact" professions apart from hairdressers and fashion workers/dressmakers at present are not allowed to re-start until all of the governemnts five tests are satisfied. So I will not be available for hands-on work until this is reviewed again. The sheer ephemeral nature of those 5 tests means that any prediction of a restart date is pretty well impossible at this stage. Reviews are currently carried out once every 3 weeks.

The Corinavirus pandemic has brought about many changes to people's lives, some of which will have long term consequences to how we all live. Some individuals and families have been hit very hard and others not at all, some people have been working and some not, leading us to live in a set of parallel worlds with very different realities. This altered reality is also likely to be with us in one form or another for at least until well into 2021. So it is very likely that the eventual "normal" will not be the normal we currently know. We all have to adapt to circumstances, and cannot really wait until everything is known and familiar again.

I intend to do my best to continue to provide help and support throughout this period of transition (and beyond) to whoever needs it, and to apply appropriate measures to ensure your safety so far as possible.

Starting Dates
As allowed under the current government guidelines I intend to re-start my therapy practice at Complementary Health Care Centre (norwich) on (guess a date) and Rowan House (Hethersett) on (guess a date).

Online Treatments

I am able to provide a useful service in one-to-one sessions via Zoom or Skype, and I recommend that you seriously consider this as an option. These hands-off treatments are based on state-of-the-art research into the evolution of the human nervous system. They are particularly effective in helping central sensitisation and other kinds of chronic pain, anxiety, hyperarousal and trauma/PTSD, and a surprising number of other (apparently) physical problems include many kinds of pain. Although some hands-on work may also eventually be requred, these online sessions can for some people make a big difference, and are available to anyone who has access to a computer, smartphone or iPad. Please contact me if any of these might possibly apply, or see the information on resilience workshops and one-to-one online treatment sessions..

Social Distancing (physical distancing) and Safety

The term "social distancing" has been quite destructive, because it has led to widespread isolation and mental health problems. A better way to think of it is "physical distancing". Fortunately we are now being allowed to come together in small social "bubbles" so that close contact with a small number of people is possible again. Of course, if you come for treatment, I am not in your close social bubble. However, it would appear that most people have been infected with no symptoms. Therefore, so long as you do not fall into a specific risk group, the virus is for the vast majority of people not dangerous, and does not cause illness, and your best personal defence is maintinaing a healthy immune system.

The available data also suggests that any close proximity in a vehicle or (non-sterile) room for more than 10 minutes results in a very high (>80%) likelihood of transmission of any virus, regardless of whether you might be wearing a paper filtering mask or protective gear, or not. Simply, viruses are so small that they go everywhere. However, it is also clear that much of the viral load transmits in small water droplets from the mouth, so a mask does reduce the total viral load transmitted to other people, even if it does not completely stop the spread of virus. Studies of infection transmission in China put mask wearing at the bottom of the list of effective measures, and non-contact/physical distancing at the top of the list.

Compromises and the Immune system

The advice that has been given by the government and in newspapers on preventing spread of coronavirus has tended to focus ONLY on the coronavirus and not on other health aspects. This narrow focus could be one reason why over the months March to June 2020 there have been twice as many (about 33,000) "excess deaths" from non-coronavirus causes as from coronavirus (about 17,000).

How can this be...? The likelihood is that - along with the reduced treatment availability for other illnesses, the measures to prevent coronavirus transmission have caused other illnesses to be more fatal than usual. For instance, wearing a face mask causes buildup of a high viral and bacterial load within the upper respiratory tract - which otherwise would clear itself as you breathe normally. This is probably not an issue if you are healthy, but if you have any kind of respiratory infection, wearing a mask for prolonged periods is not good for your health. Simply, if bacteria are less under control by the immune system, then viruses are more able to cause "opportunistic" infections (and vice versa). I reccommend that you generally limit mask-wearing time as far as possible. You can also increase its effectiveness and reduce its negative effects by putting a drop of essential oil on the outside of the mask... Thyme, Tea Tree, Oregano, are particularly antibacterial/antiviral, but Lavender, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus are also of some use. Please do NOT use wood-based alcohols or formaldehyde as mask disinfectants, because these cause inflammation of the mucosa and make you more susceptible to infection.

Similarly, we have an active colony of bacteria on our skin that prevents us being infected by many other dangerous bacteria such as e-coli. Therefore, over-aggressive use of antibiotic/alcohol skin washes and over-frequent hand washing compromise the skin's immunity and therefore the whole immune system of the body. We did not evolve to wash our hands, and the hand washing used in hospitals is principally required to clear bacteria that propogate on dead flesh - such as streptococcus. This might all sound very contradictory, but nevertheless some measures are clearly of some (though limited) use.

The general fear that has been whipped up about cross-contamination is also almost more of a problem than the virus itself. Fear also inhibits the part of the immune system that deals with infections, making viruses and bacteria more dangerous. We naturally have an ecosystem of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms that live on and inside the body, which we have evolved to live with for a few hundred million years. These are usually not only stable (i.e we don't get ill), but also actively contribute to our health, and form a vital part of the immune system and digestive system. Viruses also transfer DNA and assist evolution - and without this viral transfer we would not (for instance) have developed a human brain. About 1/3 of our DNA originates from viruses. So really, a lot more attention should be placed on how to improve immune systems and less emphasis should be given to a fear of things that we can't see and that are essentially so small they are unstoppable.

Having said all that, there is clear evidence from trials that hand washing and masks used in combination substantially reduce the transmission rate of infections in general - not because they stop transfer altogether, but because they reduce the total load of transfer. Which again logically suggests that your immune system is an important factor, masks or no masks, washing or no washing. A stronger immune system is naturally capable of dealing with a higher viral load.

Safety in the clinic

Firstly I wish to apologise for the complexity of all this. I will do my best to reduce your need to get involved with safety precautions. However, there are several ways that you an help us to keep the clinic space as safe as possible for everyone - and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

If you receive bodywork of any kind (i.e. close prolonged contact - usually table time is between 20 and 50 minutes) means that normal physical distancing rules do not apply. If the coronavirus is in/on my body, you are fairly likely to have it passed onto (at least) your clothes, and if the coronavirus is in/on your body then the same applies to me. If you are comfortable with that fact - i.e. the need for physical help is greater than your feeling of being at risk from Coronavirus infection - then you should probably come and have some treatment. In addition, the clinics I work from are not hospitals, and have not been designed to minimise infection transmission. They have carpets, wood and plastic surfaces, and although some cleansing of touched surfaces will help, anyone entering who is infected will still have a viral load on their clothes, their hair, their sweat - that will transfer to other surfaces that cannot be cleaned. In fact the most useful measure than can be taken in a non-sterile building is to keep the windows open. Similarly, being outdoors is far safer than staying indoors.

The standard precautions I will be adopting in the clinic will therefore (subject to mandatory guidelines from my professional body, and any current Government rulings) acknowledge these compromises, but also attempt to steer some path through them that maximises safety for us both, including helping to maintain the health of both our immune systems. :

  • I will be wearing a face mask/shield during hands-on treatment/when I am within the normal specified physical distancing zone.
  • I will wear medical scrubs with short-sleeved shirts so that I can carry out a hot soapy wash of my arms between patients. I will not be wearing gloves, because their use provides no significant protection over the time of contact.
  • Scrubs shirt/trousers will be changed at least twice per day.
  • I will be allowing 15 minutes between appointments to allow for any cleaning/washing of surfaces and time for air in the room to recirculate.
  • You will normally be be expected to wear a face mask before entering the building, within the clinic public spaces, and during treatment. You can bring your own mask, or I can supply kitchen towel masks for free, or I can provide a type IIR certified mask for £2 each. If you wish to dispense with use of face masks (e.g. claustrophobia, difficulty breathing when wearing a mask, allergy to cleaning chemicals etc.), that may be possible, but at the very least it requires an additional waiver form to be signed. Please talk with me about this before coming for treatment.
  • Windows will be wide open, so please bring clothes to suit that for the ambient temperature. Hopefully this will all have blown over by the time cold weather returns.
  • Any removable materials/soft furnishings (such as pillow cases, blankets) and clothes that have been used in the clinic will be hot-washed after each day, and if this is not practicable for any reason will be quarantined for at least 3 days to reduce viral load.

IMPORTANT! :: If you (or anyone you are in regular contact with) has had a raised temperature or a persistent cough in the past two weeks, you should be self-distancing. Although hands-on treatment would probably help, in fairness to other users of the clinic you should not come for hands-on treatment until the self-distancing period (2 weeks after cessation of symptoms) has ended.

Furthermore, the following restrictions/variations/conditions will apply to treatments (subject to guidelines from my professional body, and any current Government rulings) :

  • You must consider the above, and recognise that prolonged (i.e. more than 2 or 3 minutes) close-contact bodywork will inevitably result in transfer of small organisms/viruses. This is how it always is. If this is acceptable to you, then ...
  • Even if you have been for treatment before, I will have to speak to you over the phone before any treatment can take place, partly to make sure that you understand and have read this information; and also to take case notes to reduce clinic contact time.
  • I am legally required to check that you are not in a high risk group or are a carer for/in the same household as someone in a high risk group.
  • You will be required to sign a declaration to say you have read and understand the information on this page, and agree to treatment under these conditions. Please bring this signed form with you to your appointment (also see below).
  • There is hand gel available at the entrance - please use it when entering the building.
  • Please observe current government physical distancing rules while in public areas (corridors, stairs, reception area).
  • Please wait outside and only enter the clinic building at the appointment time (when I let you in), and then leave the building as soon as possible.
  • It would be appreciated if you use the toilet at home before coming, and do not use the clinic toilets if at all possible because of the amount of cleaning we will have to do in public areas. But obviously, needs must - just please let us know if you have used one of the toilets.
  • Absolute minimum number of people to attend - i.e. if you are coming for a treatment yourself, then please come alone. If you are bringing a child for treatment, then (unless I agree beforehand) only one adult and one child.
  • Please make your way directly to the treatment room and back out without entering any other rooms. (I will probably be accompanying you, because all contact surfaces such as door handles, stair railings etc. have to be cleaned.)
  • Please minimise any personal belongings/bags that you bring into the building.
  • It's useful if you have my contact number available (07806 602957).
  • There might be other specific requirements at each clinic - if so, I will let you know

There are no walk-in treatments available, because the clinics have to follow official distancing guidelines, which involves taking control of how many people can be in a particular room at any one time. For current booking arrangements, please see the Contact page.

Consultations for new patients will be taken by telephone, or Zoom/Skype/FaceTime to reduce contact time. Please see the Contact page for details.


For insurance purposes you will now have to fill in a disclaimer form. I also ask new patients to fill in a GDPR declaration. Ideally these can be printed off in advance, signed and brought to the clinic, and both forms can be accessed here as PDF documents here :

  • The Legal consent/disclaimer is required before any treatment can begin. One signing covers you for a course of treatments, but if there is more than a 4 week gap between sessions you would have to sign a new form on returning.
  • Data Protection/GDPR. It is normal to expect your contact details to be used as part of a treatment programme, or for non-trivial purposes regarding the clinic/practice. The GDPR form provides me with additional permission (which you can revoke at any time) to contact you in future regarding workshops and any news - and these communications will normally be limited to no more than two per year.
Treatment of children, babies, pregnant and new mothers

Healthy young people are almost totally unaffected by the Coronavirus, and so treatment of babies and children is safe for them - provided that neither parents or children fall under the vulnerable group classification (see below). Pregnant women are classified as "vulnerable" (see below) and so cannot be treated until at least 1st August 2020.

Designated vulnerable people

Unfortunately at the moment I am required to not make physical contact with people who fall into designated vulnerable groups or their carers, who are supposed to be "shielded" until at least 1st August 2020. If you are in this category you will probably have already received an official letter. A simple summary of this is over 70 years old and/or serious underlying health issues affecting the lungs or immune system, and pregnant women. A full list is on the government website. Nevertheless, if you are desperately in need of treatment, the government guidelines allow for you to follow the normal social/physical distancing rules as current at any particular time. There are legal sanctions for anyone who steps outside the official distancing guidelines, so my apologies to anyone who is effetcively prohibited from receiving treatment as a result.

Home Visits

In some circumstances, subject to guidelines issued by my professional body, I may also be able to carry out home visits. If you want to take up this option, please contact me for details.


If possible, please use online payments (PayPal or bank transfers) instead of cash. As an experiment, I am going to provide my services "by donation " and see how that goes. Which means that if you can't afford my normal fees, then there is still a possibility of treatment. I am very happy for members of the NHS retirement home and other social care services to take up this offer. Clinic (hands-on) treatments incur substantial room hire and other costs, so sensibly speaking I have to impose to a minimum charge. Home visits take up a lot of time (you can probably add at least an hour to any treatment time) so these are an exception, and I am applying a fixed fee. Treatments are up to 50 minutes in duration :

  • Hands-on clinic treatments (Adults & Babies, Children, Mothers) : Usual fee £55, Minimum donation : £25
  • Online one-to-one sessions : Usual fee £50, Minimum donation : £15
  • Home visits : Fixed fee £75

I will also be running online workshops in the near future. I am also offering some free resources for the duration of the Coronavirus situation.

The lockdown itself (along with other current issues in the world) is causing many people to have mental-emotional difficulties, which may be anything from outbursts of temper and frustration (that affect their companions), anxiety, depression, feelings of hopelessness and lethargy, confusion, and particularly feelings of overwhelm and grief. I can also provide some support for these issues, and train you how to reduce overwhelm/anxiety and how to process many of the other difficult emotions more easily.

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